We all know that sleep is an essential part of our wellbeing and happiness, but how much do we actually need? The average person spends up to 33% of their lives sleeping, but when asked if they get enough sleep, most people will say, no. Most people agree that getting a good night's rest is vital, however how many of us really make getting the proper amount of sleep a priority. Especially when we have so many entertainment options at our finger tips and ample supplies of coffee for those early morning meetings. We have become a society that has forgotten what "being really, truly rested" feels like.

Our daily lives are filled with stimulants like espresso and caffeinated drinks, phone timers, and "blue" light from electronic gadgets, which all interfere with our "circadian rhythm" and our ability to get a full nights sleep.

The National Sleep Foundation released the results of a world-class study that took more than two years of research to complete on how much sleep you really need at each age. You can read the research paper published in Sleep Health. The table below from the study details the amount of recommended sleep as well as the minimum and maximum that is normal for each age category.

Expert panel recommended sleep durations.
Age Recommended 
 May be appropriate 
 Not recommended 
Newborns0-3 mo 14 to 17 min: 11 to 13
max: 18 to 19
Less than 11
More than 19
Infants 4-11 mo 12 to 15 min: 10 to 11
max: 16 to 18
Less than 10
More than 18
Toddlers 1-2 y 11 to 14 min: 9 to 10
max: 15 to 16
Less than 9
More than 16
Preschoolers 3-5 y 10 to 13 min: 8 to 9
max: 14
Less than 8
More than 14
School-aged 6-13 y 9 to 11 min: 7 to 8
max: 12
Less than 7
More than 12
Teenagers 14-17 y 8 to 10 min: 7
Less than 7
More than 11
Young adults18-25 y 7 to 9 min: 6
max: 10 to 11
Less than 6
More than 11
Adults 26-64 y 7 to 9 min: 6
max: 10
Less than 6
More than 10
Older adults ≥ 65 y 7 to 8 min: 5 to 6
max: 9
Less than 5
More than 9

The Infographic summarizes each age group for quick reference.

Sleep Time Recommendations