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How do I Order?

All products are ordered through our customer service department. Some items may require a prescription from your primary provider, but our Sleep specialist will be able to assist you and answer all of your questions.

Where can I find information on private companies?

Click on each category of products and then select a specific product to see more details.

Can you provide products not listed here?

If there is a specifc product you are looking for, please contact us. We have access to a wide range of products from several vendors and would be happy to research and see what may be available.

What is the role of my physician?

We will work alongside your physician to provide the necessary testing and diagnosis for them to handle your care and further your treatment.

About Virtual Sleep Labs

Virtual Sleep Labs has built a complete system that gives clinics and individuals a convenient and inexpensive way to test and treat Obstructive Sleep Apnea.

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